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Project Management

Project Management

 GerenciaProyectos“This Specialization aims at developing behavioral, functional and holistic competencies, thus giving rise to problem improvement, analysis and solving in terms of project management under the PMI® international standards.

“This academic program takes one year to be completed, and provides the possibility to be granted a second specialization degree upon completion of an additional academic semester.

“This Specialization provides the basics necessary to present the PMI’s Project Management Professional (PMP) ® exam or the PMI’s Certified Associate in Project Management (CAPM) ® exam. Both are some of the most recognized credentials on an international basis, thus guaranteeing potential companies and customers that our professional has knowledge and experience in the project management science field. Universidad EAN is a Registered Education Provider of the PMI ®, and has the corresponding benefits in terms of Professional Development Units (PUD’s).

“Modules registered at the PMI ®:

1. Projects Control and Programming Techniques (35 PDU´s).

2. Preparation for the PMI’s Project Management Professional exam (35 PDU´s).”


“The ability to plan, organize, direct and control projects from start to finish, utilizing the invaluable knowledge, techniques and tools which are applied to the vast majority of projects "

SNIES Code with Registered Qualification:
No. 54013
Duration of Program: In order to satisfactorily complete the Postgraduate Diploma in Project Management, each student must take and pass 26 academic credits of which two credits correspond to a final research paper.
Title Granted: Specialist in Project Management


  • Draw policies and strategies regarding the project portfolio management of companies as a guiding thread of the competitiveness of organizations.
  • Manage and lead change and implementation processes of the knowledge culture required to manage projects within organizations.
  • Identify new business opportunities and new market niches in the overall project environment, and define value-added management strategies to capitalize them.
  • Define the appropriate profile for the project staff in terms of behavioral, functional and holistic competencies.
  • Plan and organize projects by making appropriate decisions.
  • Transform project logical diagrams into a project control program.
  • Measure and monitor progress towards project objectives, and take corrective actions in order to achieve objectives on an efficient and effective basis.
  • Apply project management tools by using Microsoft Project.
  • Formulate, assess, pay, budget, program and control projects by applying advanced practices of project management.


  • Being academically trained under the Project Management Institute (PMI) methodology.
  • Knowing and managing Microsoft Project Management for planning projects.
  • Being comprehensively trained as ‘Manager – Engineer’.
  • Attending face-to-face sessions at times not interfering with the work life of the student.
  • Standardizing academic credits in order to course other postgraduate programs included in the portfolio of Universidad EAN. 


  • With a curriculum comprised by four core study units representing the essence of this Specialization; three management study units, included in every academic program, promoting the strategic thinking, entrepreneurial and research spirit as a hallmark of Universidad EAN; and two elective study units allowing students to go deeper into different topics depending on their interest, thus completing nine study units.
  • With a student-focused learning method aimed at developing the skills enough for learning to learn.
  • With an academic training model combining autonomous work and face-to-face sessions without interfering with the work schedule.
  • With a teaching model privileging the know-how in specific situations.
  • With the support of information and communication technologies (virtual classrooms).
  • With a system based on academic credits that allows students to plan the time of commitment that each study unit requires.